Editing Globally: Recognizing dedication

Here at Editing Globally, we are all about teamwork, networking, and supporting each other. So it was with great pleasure (but very little surprise) we recently learned that one of our own and a close colleague in the wider editing world have both been nominated for the Editors’ Association of Canada’s Karen Virag Award for their dedication and unfailing commitment to the editing community.

Editing Globally’s Janet MacMillan is a familiar face and name to many in editing communities across the world, especially the Editors’ Association Canada and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). Janet dedicates a large portion of her life to helping others, whether it through formal mentoring, running the SfEP’s Skype club for far-flung members of the editing community, giving workshops and seminars at conferences, or just being a sounding board for editors with problems. And we’re very fond of her here at Editing Globally too!

As if Janet’s nomination wasn’t enough, the indefatigable Louise Harnby, a friend to all of us here at Editing Globally, has joined Janet on the shortlist. Many of you will probably have seen her fantastic books and guides on editing and proofreading. Her advice on starting a business and marketing one’s editorial services has been invaluable for many new editors and proofreaders (and for established ones too). She is unfailingly generous with dispensing her wisdom and lending her time.

The award ceremony takes place this weekend and typically both Janet and Louise each want the other to win! The rest of the Editing Globally team are just delighted that the hard work of two valued editorial professionals is being recognized.

Well done, Janet and Louise.

You can find out more about the Karen Virag award here.

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