Martin's testimonials

Martin has been fast, accurate, reliable, and incredibly helpful to me when I have had a publisher's deadline or queries about moving a book to production.

Glynn Cochrane, Professor of Anthropology.

Thanks again for sending over the files ... I’m currently working through them, and they are really good! So thanks for making my job easier.

Danielle Parsons, Project Manager.

I really appreciate all of your hard work ... thanks for doing such a thorough job on these books for me.

VM, Project Manager.

Fabulous, thank you! I’ve sent the queries to the author and I think the rest are very clear. Thanks for all your work on this book!

VW, Project Manager.

Thanks for all your hard and careful work ... it is a great comfort to know that you are there and that you know what to do when I obviously do not!

GC, Author.



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