Madeline's testimonials

Madeline co-edits our G7 and G20 publications, which entails sourcing articles from the highest echelons of government and the international community. This is a function that she performs with skill and tact. When it comes to working with copy, Madeline is an eagle-eyed editor. She is quick to spot inconsistencies and can simultaneously identify problems with syntax, punctuation, spelling and tone. Above all, Madeline is a pleasure to work with.

Jane Douglas, former managing editor, Newsdesk Media

Without reservation Madeline was always my "go to" editor. Having worked with Madeline for over 15 years, I can testify to her eagerness to embrace changing techniques and new technologies which have kept her consistently industry relevant. Always timely and responsive, she is highly flexible while accommodating the needs of the various editors and authors. Combining a rare balance of tact with a determination to succeed, she is hugely effective in her field.

Kirstin Howgate, director, Howgate Publishing Ltd. and former publisher at Ashgate Publishing Ltd

We have been lucky to have our work edited by Madeline Koch. Her extensive experience, professionalism and thoroughness do wonders. Our texts are transformed into readable articles, chapters and manuscripts by Madeline's magic touch. I always admire how deeply Madeline knows the topics she gets to work on and how careful she is not to distort the meaning of the texts and intentions of the author.

Marina Larionova, editor-in-chief, International Organisations Research Journal

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