Katherine's testimonials

Working with Katherine is an amazing experience for any author. While she is rigorous, efficient, precise and fast in her work, she also brings to the table important and subtle qualities which ensure that the final result of working with her will be exceeding all expectations. Her capacity to think from the author’s perspective enables her to improve on a book without deviating from the author’s key message and style. With her keen sense of style, she detects and eliminates any awkwardness in the text flow and proposes elegant formulations entirely in line with the author’s own style and dictation. Stepping into the book critique’s shoes, she analyses the story line and points out inconsistencies, proposing at the same time how to deal with them, giving a story the final polish to make it a great read. Not stopping there, Katherine guides the author towards completing the text with explanations, dramatis personae, maps and other elements to ensure that the final result is a professional product. Her patient and highly competent way of working with an author, always aiming at arriving at a perfect product, has been and is an absolute pleasure for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough – working with Katherine is putting your text in the best hands you can possibly imagine.

Vicente Miguel, author of The Frankhistan Conspiracy

As a self-published author, I was advised one of the most important things I could do is find a good editor. When I discovered Katherine Trail, I quickly understood why this was the best advice I have ever had. With Katherine it’s not just about typos and bad grammar. She has a delightfully cheerful and optimistic manner, and she always manages to deliver advice and suggestions that invariably improve my stories. As a result, my writing is continually improving and, after nine novels and five novellas, Katherine has become a trusted ally and confidant. In my opinion, I found an editor who is much more than good. I wouldn’t dream of publishing another book without her seal of approval.

P.F. Ford, author of the Dave Slater Mystery Novels

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